20 years of experience as GSP
All services, all facilities, all GSE, all experienced and trained personnel to handle from a very light Jet to a Boeing 747 pax and cargo
Only VIP lounge on executive terminal airport
Conference room
Office spaces  
Bistro Bar  
Complentary food and snacks 
Bussines Center / Printer  
Crew lounge
Entertainment & media equipment
Rest Rooms
Air conditioning
Ramp Acces
Passenger services
Immigration & custom services
Dedicated concierge services
Catering Coordination
Pax & crew lounge
Passenger & crew hotel coordination
Car rental
Armored car & Limousine rental
Laundry services
Aircraft Services
Secure parking
Fuel coordination
Flight planning services
Permits coordination
AVSEC Security services
Ground power units
Line Maintenance
Aircraft cleaning
Oxygen /nitrogen Services
Lavatory services
Weather Briefings
Excellent fuel prices
Specialized Services
Presidential & diplomatic services
Military operation
Technical stop services
Ambulance flights
Charter flights
All equipment needed for any aircraft of PAX, CGO & military Size